Over the past few years, we, the CnEVPost team, have accumulated a large amount of data about the Chinese automotive industry, and they have become the basis for most of CnEVPost's coverage.

Many of our readers wanted us to share the data, and now that we have done so, thus the website CnEVData.com. Both CnEVData.com and CnEVPost.com are operated by Shanghai Momin Information Technology Co, which is base in Shanghai, China.

Since we decided to implement our data-sharing plan, we have read what are likely to be thousands of data reports, which have not only added to the data we already had, but also made us realize that there is a great deal of other valuable data that we had previously overlooked.

Over the past few months, we have reorganized the database system we use internally and are now at a point where we can share it publicly.

We originally planned to share the data for free on the CnEVPost website, but then realized that this was not sustainable because the additional work required to make it available on an ongoing basis was far greater than initially thought.

After careful consideration, we decided to create CnEVData, a brand-new website with a paid model that may allow us to carry this work forward.

CnEVData is built and updated by the same team as CnEVPost, and we have the same high standards for all our work.

CnEVPost reports data at an insanely fast speed and in a way that is easy to understand, and similarly, CnEVData will provide up-to-date, relevant data the same way we report the news.

Unlike any other data provider, we will track the latest available data as closely as we track everything in the news.

CnEVData went live in April 2023, and we may need several months of "capacity creep" to get it to its optimal state.

During this process, our past cumulative data will be put down in the database. New data will be made available over time as different data is released over an entire month.

If you have any suggestions or questions, you can reach us via this email: [email protected].